Saturday, October 25, 2014

Snowball Fight!

No, it's not quite time for there to be snow on the ground yet, so what am I talking about?
I mentioned there was a new swap I wanted to join, and this is it!

If you've ever participated in, or heard of Sockwars, then you'll get the basic idea.  Using the snowball buddies pattern, there's going to be a snowball fight, and the first team to finish everyone wins!
I knew I wouldn't be able to do a large swap this holiday season - I've just finished the vampire swap, and N's birthday is Sunday, then Halloween; not to mention December is not only Christmas, but our anniversary as well, it seems wiser to save up for a nice date night rather than large swaps - but this one I think I can handle.  The pattern isn't too costly, and I can make a few for Christmas gifts as well (It's that time of year - when I start panicking over not having started any xmas knitting yet!), and since it's a small swap, other than a few small goodies (a treat and a card is suggested, so not much at all) the only real cost is postage.

I believe sign ups will be posted soon (and if you're on Ravelry and interested, you should definitely check it out!), and I will post updates as I go.  So far, there will be teams and PersonA will send a 'snowball' to PersonB, and once PersonB has been "hit" (recieved their snowball) then they knit and send to PersonC and so forth.  Whichever team has all their players "hit" first will win a prize! (I'm excited that its both a swap and a competition!) The prize hasn't been announced yet, but I'm excited all the same.

In other swapping news, my partner has received her packages, and as soon as she posts her pictures, then I can post mine here!  I haven't received mine yet, though it's still early, and there's a bout of colds going around, which is delaying people's posts.

In knitting news, today I knit an octopus!
I called him Martin, probably because I'd yet to sleep when I made him, and thought it was funny.  Although the pattern is a bit fiddly (I prefer knitting all in one piece, no seaming and such), I definitely plan on knitting more, the end result is well worth it.

I haven't worked on my sweater today, though I may have some time before bed - it is a Friday after all!  Tomorrow should be a bit low key, however, I do have a cake to bake!  I hope I have everything, I checked the other day for the main ingredients, but forgot to check if I had icing supplies!  If need be, I can pick up some packaged icing, depending on how many ingredients I'm missing.  Now, I think I'll settle in with some knitting (undecided as to which project though, I'm not exactly known for monogamous knitting!), some tea, and a scary movie!

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