Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Little Bit Of Stash Busting!

Back when I first started knitting, I bought a fair amount of Bernat Mosaic in Medusa to make a sweater.  I had the Sweaters and Accessories pattern book, and chose the top down cardigan, however after knitting the smallest size, and having most of it finished... I didn't like it.  I felt the colours looked off and the ribbing looked baggy on me, nothing like the picture.  Away into storage it went, where I hoped I would find some love for this nearly finished cardi.

I recently took out the sweater again, and still felt rather underwhelmed by it.  I had a few balls left, so I've cast on a new sweater using the left overs - if I need to, I'll frog the old sweater as I go (however, I think I have more than enough for my latest project without unraveling it.  I may use it for accessories though!).

Yesterday, I cast on February Lady Sweater, and though I was a bit uncertain about using a yarn that has a definite pattern to it, after looking at a few other projects done in various striped yarns I decided to give it a go.
I finished just past the arm separation last night, above is the finished yolk. Although I'm not sure the lace pattern is truly visible throughout, I think I like it - at least I like it much more than I liked the previous sweater, and I'm sure once it's done I'll actually get some wear out of it.

That being said, I'd like to have this finished before the end of October.  I don't have many autumn sweaters, so this one would be nice to have before the snow falls - perhaps for the last autumn walk through the valley.

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