Friday, May 30, 2014

Couple of Cast Ons

Since the last post there hasn't been much sunshine to take any pictures... until today, but its a bit too cold for me!
While I've been inside, however, I've cast on two projects..

The first being the Stitch Surfer Socks.  I haven't been able to knit anything on small needles since I injured my shoulder.  I figured I'd have a go after exploring Instagram and seeing all the lovely surfer socks.  I cast on yesterday in the wee hours of the morning before bed.  I must admit, my shoulder wasn't too happy with me afterwards, but I did finish the first surf and stop.

Being unable to continue with my sock (and being rather grumpy yesterday), a new project was in order to chase away the rainy day grumpies.  My bestie in the knitting world, Katie Kat, sent me a lovely purple yarn a while ago, and I had been saving it for a special project. 
Upon finding Rainshine, I told her this was the pattern I want to make with it, she sent me the pattern to do so! Day immediately brightened! So that night I cast on and knit the first section (main body) of the shawl:

I had planned on casting on a cardigan, however the original pattern I planned to knit doesn't release until Sunday, so that will be postponed.

A while back I cast on Regenerate, and then got caught up in a few other things, and this got put into a hibernation bag - which I forgot about until someone on Instagram mentioned it! I've finished up to the second repeat of the third chart - basically the part with Nupps - which I substituted with beads.

 I'm using Malabrigo Lace in Velvet Grapes.  Its such a delicate, yummy yarn to work with, but - being single ply- I tend to handle it rather delicately so I don't break it as I knit.  This means it's going to take much more time than a usual shawl to finish, but the fabric it creates is so lovely!

Unfortunately with work this weekend, my mum's birthday on Sunday, and N spending our "weekend" together (Sunday-Monday or Tuesday), I won't have much time to work on knitting for a while.  That and my apartment is in serious need of spring cleaning!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Little Bits of Knits

I've been able to do a bit of knitting recently.

For starters, I've finished my Colour Affection Shawl - which I affectionately call my colour affliction shawl:
I'll have to do a photoshoot soon to get some nice pictures of my knits, rather than my floor pictures.
This is knit using Koigu yarn, the same yarn I used for the Koigu monkey.

I finished Sauble Sunset using the remaining black Koigu from the colour affection shawl; the rest of the pattern was knit in the Dream In Colour yarn from the magic yarn swap.  Again, I'll have to get a better picture, but I wore it to work this past weekend:

I made a few minor changes to the pattern, one being a different colour for the bands, and the other being continuing the button band the rest of the way down the front. 

Sunday night, I cast on a simple little pattern, Gilet Court D'Ete.  I'm just about half way through the body, then I just have the sleeves to add.  This is going to be a gift for someone, and I'm already thinking I need to make one for myself!
Here's my "Summer Spectrum" so far:

This is knit in Bernat Mosaic, which I've just found out is discontinued.  Sadly, this was one of my favourite acrylic yarns!

Hopefully I can get some nice sunny days soon, and can get some nicer photos and maybe more finished projects!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

It's been a while!

Sure enough, after the last post, everything I had planned on doing was derailed.
January 6th I slipped on black ice and hurt my arm.  I didn't think much about it, continued on my way to work and finished my work day as usual.  Though my shoulder and arm was still rather sore, I then continued to help out at a catering event.  By the time N picked me up and was driving me out to our little hide-away, I was in agony.  I played it off as over-use and babied it that night.  I didn't go to the hospital for a full week after, thinking I'd just strained the muscle.  Once there, I was put through a fast paced series of tests, and was told I had a very small, and minor, tear in my rotator cuff; and tendonitis.  Surgery wouldn't be required if I didn't use it for six weeks... which stretched into 9.  I wasn't able to knit, bead or do anything I'd normally be able to do.  Sadly, though it's healed now, I still have issues with it.  I can't knit on small needles just yet, the tension makes my shoulder ache after just a few rows.  Hopefully, as I build the strength back up in my shoulder, I'll be back to knitting anything and everything shortly.

Now that you know why I've not been writing, I can update with some more interesting things!

N: The knight in shining armor, that for once didn't end up an idiot in tinfoil.
The night of January 6th, N said he'd make up for me hurting my shoulder.  I thought maybe some shoulder rubs, but he surprised me with something greater: The Harness Dress.

UNIF had a dress that I longed for, but couldn't justify spending $50 in shipping on ONE item.  I gawked at it on multiple sites that carried some UNIF garments, and planned on buying it at the end of the month.
Upon getting to our hide-away, N suggested I hang up my coat in the closet.  I opened the doors and there it was - The Harness Dress.
Of course, the moment I saw it, I let out an inaudible gasp, and stared for a second, before dropping my coat and grabbing the hanger.  I ran into the bathroom in two quick steps and had to try it on.  It fit perfectly, and looks rather lovely.  The low cut back and sides show off my tattoo, and the sheer fabric makes it light and breezy - perfect for hot summer days.  Now, N insisted it was a late Christmas present, but I know he was just excited for me to have it.