Sunday, May 31, 2015

Projects of May

I'm not very good at remembering to update my blog, mostly because I feel like people may not want to see the slow growing process of my many wips - some who get a few rows done here and there, but not enough to really show off, while others sit in the corner until I can find interest in them again.

This month I've managed to finish four projects, so here they are!

I definitely need a better picture, although that likely won't happen until I can wear it this autumn.  This is Vixen, a quick knit with some lovely details.  I cast on May 2nd, and finished the 12th, but there was a lot of down time with this, I feel I could knit it again (and just might in another colour) and much quicker!

This Black Death was another quick knit, intended for my mum for Mother's Day, however I somehow forgot it when I went to visit her - perhaps I'll keep it for another occasion. Started May 4th and finished the 7th.

 Black Forest is an adorable hat that knits up in no time, looks great in numerous colours and is rather easy to knit.  Definitely a must for beginner knitters looking for a little extra flare without being too complicated. (May 16-17).

The man-beast's birthday is in October, so I figured I should knit a little something to make sure he'd have something.  Originally when he gave me a few balls of different yarns, he'd said he wouldn't mind a stst scarf in the same colour as the pictures below.  Well, I couldn't bring myself to knit something so boring, instead I knit him the Wombat scarf/shawl.  I never see him in scarves, so I figured this was a quick alternative, so he can throw it on during winter breaks and still be warm with minimal effort. A very quick knit, I did this on May 22nd.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sock Madness Complete

As I mentioned in Sock Madness 9, I didn't get very far in the competition - I qualified for patterns, but not a team.
I showed you the first few patterns available, and now that the competition is over you can buy the patterns too!
Warm up patterns:
1. The stroop stroop socks - free
2. Choose Your own Adventure Socks - not released yet.

Both these and Alohomora were posted on my last sock madness post (see link above).

Competition Patterns:
1. (Qualifier) Alohohmora - not released yet
2. Cable Madness - $5 USD
Photo by Karen Buhr
3. Longing For Spring - free
Photo by CaouaCoffee
4. Mad About the Girls - $5 USD
Photo by BellybuttonKnits
5. For Whom the Bell Tolls - $7.50 USD
Photo by Meagheen
6. Tradescantia Zebrina - free
Photo by skeincharmer

7. Harlequino - €4.00 EUR
Photo by Margreet Vonkeman

Bonus Patterns: 
1. Duck Foot Ivy - not yet released
Photo by Hreow Beth
2. Heads Up Socks - not yet released
Photo by tiggerbee
3. Dance Hall - $5 USD
Photo by Kristen Brooks Photography
4. Y? - not yet available
Photo by Bridget Landry
So there you have it! Don't forget to join Sock Madness Forever if you plan on participating next year.