Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sock Madness Complete

As I mentioned in Sock Madness 9, I didn't get very far in the competition - I qualified for patterns, but not a team.
I showed you the first few patterns available, and now that the competition is over you can buy the patterns too!
Warm up patterns:
1. The stroop stroop socks - free
2. Choose Your own Adventure Socks - not released yet.

Both these and Alohomora were posted on my last sock madness post (see link above).

Competition Patterns:
1. (Qualifier) Alohohmora - not released yet
2. Cable Madness - $5 USD
Photo by Karen Buhr
3. Longing For Spring - free
Photo by CaouaCoffee
4. Mad About the Girls - $5 USD
Photo by BellybuttonKnits
5. For Whom the Bell Tolls - $7.50 USD
Photo by Meagheen
6. Tradescantia Zebrina - free
Photo by skeincharmer

7. Harlequino - €4.00 EUR
Photo by Margreet Vonkeman

Bonus Patterns: 
1. Duck Foot Ivy - not yet released
Photo by Hreow Beth
2. Heads Up Socks - not yet released
Photo by tiggerbee
3. Dance Hall - $5 USD
Photo by Kristen Brooks Photography
4. Y? - not yet available
Photo by Bridget Landry
So there you have it! Don't forget to join Sock Madness Forever if you plan on participating next year.

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