Thursday, October 16, 2014

Little Bits of Knit

In one of my Ravelry groups (Colorworks by Debi), we're working on a infiniChristmas MAL (mystery knit along).  I decided on doing a stocking cap to start - in winter theme - and if I have time to knit before the deadline for clues, I'll likely make a hat or a pillow in the Christmas theme.
To start, I chose Frozen:
I followed up with landscape, then Tweet.  I feel like I may have chosen yarns that didn't contrast well enough, however man-beast seems to like how it's turned out so far and I trust his judgement.

I chose winter friends as my next motif, however I've been at the man-beast's the past five days and haven't worked on colourwork as much. I have, however, worked on the will-o-wisp during out little drives out and about.
I love this yarn under sunlight, the heather really seems to make it pop!
It's a little less vibrant under no lighting in my living room, but I'm ready to start the bind off for the sleeves.
I love how easy the lace pattern is, it's easy to remember so I can knit on the go!

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