Monday, October 6, 2014

Hitofude Cardigan

I mentioned a few posts ago, that I was going to start going through my queue list and start buying/knitting them each month.  Though I finished the high tops I purchased a few months ago, I never bought another pattern.  This month I bought two - first was a little monster Wild Thing.  I'm making this for my mum for her surgery on Friday, and it's all finished but the safety eyes and closing of the head.  Having gone as far as I can without new eyes (I'm off to Michaels tomorrow to try to find some - the ones I have are 3mm too small - if I can't find the right size, I'll use buttons instead), I decided to buy a pattern for myself - it's low cost and a gorgeous pattern that should keep me busy - Hitofude Cardigan.

I cast on yesterday when I bought the pattern.  Instead of using fingering weight, I decided to use a lace weight - I'd seen a few other knitters make this cardigan in lace weight and loved the flowy look.  Using Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud in Raspberry Heather, I cast on and finished the first three repeats of chart A.  I was a little worried about using such a thin yarn for this, but it's turned out pretty nice so far.  Though the stitches are delicate and I'm afraid to knit full speed in case I break the yarn (however unlikely it is), the fabric created is soft and light.  I can see myself wearing it on a warm summer night, and I'll likely reknit this pattern in fingering weight at another point in time.

Here's what the cardi looks like so far:
I've decided to dub it as m Will-O-Wisp Cardigan.

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