Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013!

This has been an interesting year.  I've had some down times, and then some pleasant surprises.
All in all, it's another typical year.
I have, however, spent to most time without power and heat than ever before in my life.
Here in Toronto, we had a massive ice storm.  Transformers blew up... and most of the city was without power.  My apartment went  from 9pm Saturday (the 21st) to the 24 around 5pm without power.  I managed to stay with a friend, or hopped on down to the cafe to stay warm a few nights.  My heat, however was out until last night.  So some nights, once power was back, were spent with the oven door cracked open to try to heat up the place and wearing 3 blankets on top of sweats.
The first night we still had emergency lights...
But within a few hours they were out

The view from the front steps was something out of an eerie movie...

And in areas that had some power I managed to get a poor photo of a tree...

Some of you may recall, I was in touch with someone who I hadn't talked to in quite some time, but was weary of how long it would last.
Things have been great! We've hung out quite a few times, and even managed to stay warm on a night of silly blackout craziness.  All in all, I'm glad I followed through, as I'd certainly missed having them in my life.
One can't help but feel optimistic around them, and I don't see them vanishing any time soon - a good sign!

 I got a few beading/jewelry projects done...
I promised to show pictures of my secret Santa gift, so here he is, the dragon in all his glory.  I should have put it on a different necklace, but it's done and over with - no way to change it now!

And a star, I made for a gift - I'm not sure if it's been received, but it likely will be by the time this is read.

And my total complete projects for 2013 is a total of 32.  Not super high, but 2014 starts in less than an hour, so we can start fresh projects!
I seem to have fallen 3 short of my 12 shawls this year - I have a few on the go still, and one that's less than six rows from casting off - but I ran out of yarn; so it would seem I will just have to try again next year.

Now, I've never made a New Year's Resolution before...
But it seems appropriate to this year!

1. Spend more time with my parents:  I don't usually find time to visit them often enough, and when I have time it's usually when they're busy or I'm strapped for busfare.

2. 12 shawls in 2014.  This means start to finish - so any shawls I started this year won't count!

3. Downsize: Get rid of clothes and things don't wear or use anymore - and hopefully keep my apartment free of clutter and useless things once I have!

4. Take a metal clay class at work: I don't know much about metal, and I really think I should take a class to better my knowledge in this area.

5. Try to be more patient: Now, those of you who know me may be thinking "she's one of the most patient people in the world" - and I am... with other people. So maybe a little more may be useful, maybe then I'll be a little less frustrated if people take all day to get back to me, if something takes me longer to do than it should, or if I'm just having a down day.

6. Expand my crafts: Try new techniques, jump into something I think I may not normally like.  Sure, #4 could go under this category, but that is a specific goal I'd like to achieve.

7. Try to blog more! I feel like I rarely have bloggable moments, however I certainly do. And perhaps get outside my comfort zone and let this blog into more than my crafts.

8. Punctuality: I'm forever feeling like I'm running out of time, and as a result sometimes run late.  I plan on figuring out how to better manage my mind so my time is better spent.

9. It's a sleep thing: Anyone who knows me knows I don't sleep well... or at all some times.  I need to look into more ways to get sleep, because if I don't? I'll keep running myself into the ground.  Creative or not, sometimes brains need rest.

10. Physical Maintenance: As I've gotten older, I've put on a little bit of chub.  Now, I'm skinny, and a healthy weight, but lack of exercise and actually doing things the past year or so has left me feeling groggy and unfit.  So I plan on making a wii fit program and sticking to it - even if it's only one day a week for half an hour, that's an extra half hour I'm not sitting on my butt watching tv!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy new year,
Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014!

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