Sunday, January 5, 2014

Incubus of Viral Plague

First post of 2014!

Sadly, we're less than a week into 2014, and I'm already coming down with a cold.  I was fine yesterday morning, and by the time I got home from work I was dealing with a nearly full force asthma attack - fun.

Though I've yet to get on my Wii fit, I've been doing some other little exercises and making a point of walking to and from work.  I've actually managed to be on time for all of my engagements lately, so I'm rather pleased.

I ended up sleeping a fair amount on and off last night due to this retched cold, so I'm up far earlier than I need to for work... Which means I can work on some knitting.

I've been hanging out with the previously mentioned friend, who will now be known as N.  We spent two days this week together just watching movies.  It's been ridiculously cold here - some days as cold as minus 20 Celsius without the windchill  - so I couldn't think of anything more appropriate than staying indoors and keeping warm.  N loves Community, so we watched the new episodes on Thursday night - it's nice to watch it with someone who is enthusiastic and into it as much as I am (I'd actually say more!).  He also gave me some yarn (a knitter's dream!) he had left over, so now I have some lovely new stash to use.  As a thank you I'm knitting him a scarf - he mentioned in passing he wouldn't mind a stst scarf out of a certain colour, so I cast on Friday night when I got home.  I didn't work on it much - it's pretty much a before bed project - but I'm going to take it to work on it at lunch.

I'm looking forward to relaxing this week and getting some serious knitting done, though depending on how this cold goes, I may not be doing much of anything but sleep.
I don't have a knitting list for this year just yet, but I have a few ideas, so I'll post those later this week.
I may not have my full list of 12 shawls yet, but I do have a few I'd like to try.  I'd also like to finish my wips, so maybe I'll start those soon too.

I should start getting ready for work - being sick always takes longer - but hopefully I'll have some knitting to update with soon.

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