Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wandering Amongst the Dancing Shadows

I've been sick well over a week now, and at this point I'm crawling in my skin.  I just want to be better already!

I haven't had much time to knit, my advent calender is falling behind.  I've managed to finish one of the unlovable socks, and the toe of the new socks I planned on knitting.

I got 98% through the tattered shawl, then I ran out of yarn - 6 rows from the cast off.

I finally managed to get pictures of my Calm sweater, and the Strange Magic Cowl

I definitely plan to re-knit the calm sweater again in a larger size, as this one is a bit short and not as flowy as I'd like.
I had planned on making a few of the cowls for numerous Christmas gifts, however doesn't look like I'll have the time - thankfully, they're for people I won't be seeing for a while after.

I've recently been in contact with someone who I haven't talked to in quite a while.  Part of me is still quite uncertain how this will end, or play out.  The optimist in me, the part of me that sees the good in everything, wants to think it won't end poorly.  The realist in me thinks there is always a possibility for history to repeat itself - and boy, has it been recently - so nothing will really surprise me... except if things work out for the better, then I'll be down right floored.

I hope to finish some bead projects soon, I have enough to fill a good full day... but inspiration has left me for someone more deserving.

Today... Tonight... I feel like wandering amongst the dancing shadows.  The ones that play amid the moonlight, between the trees.  I want to dance an eerie dance, let the faeries lead the way.  Breathe in the life surrounding me, and exhale the death in my soul. I want to cast off the chains that bind me to this earth and move freely amidst the stars... Follow my heart and love the in the night.... But mainly breathe.  Just breathe.

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