Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Knits...

I managed to get all my knitting for Christmas done in time, and all but one photographed.

You may recall I finished Oliver, Cabled Hug and Sock Head a few posts ago.
Oliver was for my Grandma, the Cabled Hug for my mum, and Sock Head for Nick (Man-beast).

Since then I've made...
Brotherly Hat, for my brother - a quick knit I designed on the fly.

I designed a mitten to go with the cabled hug, called Entwined.  And knit the Wavy Moss Headband to go with them for my mum.

I made Nick the Straight Shooter mittens, which I'm not too pleased with, but he says he likes them.
I knit his mum Wee Bonnie Mouse, and After Tea Shawl, however I didn't remember to take a picture of the shawl.

Candice wanted a Louise Hat from Bob's Burgers, but with floppy ears

I made my dad the Antler Hat by Tincan Knits.
I used a chunky yarn for this one, and it was still a little tight, I think I'll have to find much more basic hat patterns for him.

And finally, I made a few of the snowball buddies as gifts as well.
Jack for Candice and Jude

The Grinch and Phoenix (the cat) for Ken and Ty.

I will update about a few more finished projects and wips tomorrow.

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