Thursday, June 5, 2014

Whipping out WIPs...

Gilet court d'été ... And turning them into FOs.
I've been looking through my Ravelry projects, and noticed quite a few wips... Not all active, and some I'm not sure I'll even finish - I may just frog them.
In the spirit of getting more finished projects and less lying around half finished on needles, I decided to work on some of my more recent projects.

Rainshine is now cast off and blocking, hopefully this weekend N and I can take some pictures of my more recent projects that are finished and need some nicer pictures taken.  I ended up doing the amazingly stretchy bind off for Rainshine, and though I would have loved to do the crochet bind off, I'm rather happy with this one as is.

The next project I finished, was the Gilet court d'été.
It's a short sleeve cardigan, and other than needing to find the perfect button, it's finished.  This is another I want to get a nicer picture of, then it can go off to it's recipient.

A while ago I mentioned I finished the Aestas hat, but I didn't have any nice pictures.  Today I broke out the Styrofoam head and snapped a few shots.

I have a few wips I'd still like to finish in the next few days, however, I have work this weekend and a celebration with N.  I may not have time to knit until next week, but I'm hoping to finish Regenerate and Patty Cake's Outfit.  I have a few projects I would like to start, namely the Mary Lennox Shawl (though I'm not sure the yarn I'll use), Surry Hills is another, and finally the extra project in Simply Knitting Spring 2014:

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