Monday, June 9, 2014


As mentioned in a previous post, I had a special date night with N this weekend.
I had the dress, the shoes, the makeup... But I didn't have a sweater to go with the dress in case I got cold!
Being a knitter, this of course isn't a problem! I cast on and knit my to my heart's content.  I realized, however, the day we were going on the date, that it was going to be far too warm to need a sweater, even inside, so I decided to put it aside, just needing the neckband finished, which I did after the date.
I give you Sunkist:
I changed the ribbing to eyelets, though with suck a thick yarn I didn't go down to the smaller size needle.

I've cut down a fair amount on my WIPs so hopefully I'll be able to get some new knits done without feeling guilty about my other projects being neglected. Of all the wips currently on needles, Patty Cake is the only one I really need to get on top of - I had wanted to make her for my grandma's birthday, which is next month! I kinda fell behind on that, so I think I shall go knit the next clue as I wait for N to come home.

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