Saturday, September 5, 2015

Hats, Hats, Hats!

Last year I designed a basic ribbed hat for my brother. When I saw him a few days ago, I asked him what knit item he would like for Christmas - I'm usually scrambling to find projects to knit my family in December, as they all seem to be bad at telling anyone what they'd like! I try to knit everyone a gift (something rather difficult, as it seems not many people want knit gifts), so they have something made with love, not just something commercial. To my surprise, my brother said he wouldn't mind another hat in a different colour!

This gave me the idea to design a few basic hats for the different people in my life. Once I write up the patterns (I have them written in my messy design book), I'll publish the patterns and ebook, but until then I give you my basic hats! Every one of them can be knit by any beginner knitter who can knit in round, purl and decrease.

Since my brother asked for a hat in a different colour (last year I made him a black one), I made him a grey one in the same pattern (Brotherly), and a second in the TML colours to go with the mittens I made him a few years back.

After I made these, I decided to make one for my dad, who has a rather large head and I often have trouble finding patterns large enough to fit him (it would seem the one I knit last year was too small). After tinkering with a few ribbed varieties, I came up with Fatherly:

Next I made Motherly, and though the pattern may look complex in comparison to the more basic looking ribbed hat, it's just as simple to make:

And finally, I made Sisterly, for my sister-in-law.  I wanted an easy pattern that could be made knit by a first time knitter without being too complex or too boring.  Why? Because the real gift is actually knitting lessons, and the pattern is the end goal! I hope she both likes the hat, and enjoys knitting it when it comes down to it!

Once these are available as pdf patterns I'll post a link!

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