Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Fairy Cakes and Yogi

September brings the Equinox - Being in the northern hemisphere that's the Autumn Equinox, and it's time to shed what doesn't serve you anymore.  Now the Equinox may not be until late this month, but I'm starting to get in the Autumn mindset.  During Autumn I love to try new things, bake, knit and try to get into a better mindset.

This year I decided to start the 30 days of yoga challenge, from Yoga with Adriene.  I've only completed just over a week so far, but I love it, and Adriene is absolutely fun and amazing.  Every day I look forward to the next video, and seeing how far my pose has changed just with a bit of daily practice.  I've never been to a yoga class before, but this is a lot of fun, and something I can see myself doing for a while. Actually, I've been enjoying her home studio yoga videos so much I decided to knit Miss Adriene a little gift, so send once I've finished the 30 days (and I get her PO box!).  A Wee Yogi Mouse!

And of course, you want to know about the fairy cakes!  Who doesn't love Fairies and cupcakes?
This tiny gal is all of six inches tall, from the top of her hat to the tip of her toes!  I see quite a few of these being made in the future, with numerous different themes in mind!

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