Sunday, January 18, 2015

Voodoo Dream Date Swap

The beginning of January I signed up for the Voodoo Dream Date Swap on Ravelry.

A little valentine swap using the Voodoo You Love Me pattern (seriously adorable!), and dressing them up into a dream theme.  For example, if your partner's voodoo dream date was My Little Pony related, you could knit the voodoo in a colour of one of the ponies, and add a cutie mark to it to tie it in.  You also need to include a card, a snacky treat and extra goodies are optional.  Going along with the mlp theme, I would then include a mlp valentine cared (or two, depending on what I could find), maybe some mlp stickers or pins, and likely some snacky valentine treats with tea.  It's not a huge swap, and there's no price range, the main idea is to knit and share a voodoo with someone else - and in return receive one knit by someone else with you in mind!

I, of course, left a fairly wide theme - something maybe a little gothy/cute creepy.  Mainly because I rarely have yarn I would knit myself a gothy voodoo from - I tend to knit for other people more than myself, however recently I've knit myself something and will share in a new update.  My partner, a fellow Canadian is fun to plan for - she likes Olaf and Sven from Frozen, Lilo and Stitch and anything by Joss Whedon (who I happen to be a fan of his work as well).  I have to be extra careful finding a treat for her, since she can't have gluten, but everything else I'm excited to put together. Her top colour choices right now are green, purple, red and pink; and she would love something gnome-y or Disney related.

I started the voodoo the other day, and here's a bit of a sneak peek:
At risk of spoiling the surprise (although I doubt anyone I swap with reads this), I'll let you in on a secret - I had a brilliant idea for a voodoo theme, but couldn't decide on which to go with... so I'm doing both!

I probably won't post anymore pictures until after I've sent out the swap and it's made it to my partner (unless I get too excited and post another sneak peek), but stay tuned for the reveal!  As usual, I will post once I've received my package as well!

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