Monday, January 19, 2015

Mystery Mitts (1-3)

Last month, I signed up for the CBD January 2015 Mystery Mitts Knit-Along.

I'm definitely not as caught up as I should be - I've only just finished clue 3 of 7 or 8 - but it's knitting up quite nicely!  We've named the design Tessellating Diamonds (by vote), and I love how different colours make the design pop in different ways.

It's too late to sign up for the mkal now (I dropped the ball there, sorry!), so I figured I would share my clues as I knit them! 

Clue 1:
This guy is knit first and left on a stitch holder (or in my case a dpn made of some sort of plastic - which I can't use because I bend them to the point they break!), and is used later in the design.  I know what for, but I'm going to leave it a surprise for those of you who don't!

Clue 2:
The cuff.  A simple 2x2 ribbed cuff, I knit mine in a pale pink - though I almost frogged it and started over in black once getting the next clue, I stand by my pink cuffs.

Clue 3:
This is where you can really see the pattern start to come out.  If you didn't choose the best contrasting colours the pattern is difficult to see.  Originally, I knit the colours opposite, but didn't like it as much.  Once I flipped them (using the pink where there purple was and grey where the black was) I really started to enjoy it, and finished clue 3 - previously I stopped after the first grey/black set of rows, frogged to the cuff and set it aside for a while.

If you missed the chance to join the mkal, the pattern will be available to purchase fairly soon, I would imagine!  Once you get the basic colourway going, the pattern is really rather intuitive and easy to remember.  I'll post again once I've received and knit a few more clues.

There is going to be a February Mystery Cowl KAL, and you can still sign up for it!
The pattern page is here,  to sign up just follow the directions on the pdf download.  I'm hoping to participate in this one as well, all depends on if I find the right yarn for it and have enough time.

Stay tuned for more clues!

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