Saturday, November 15, 2014

Selfish Knitting: Punishiable By Frogging

Now I'm sure you may be wondering which project of selfish knitting could have possibly been frogged as I didn't have much in the sense of selfish knitting on the needles.  Sadly it was Hitofude.  I've been working on Christmas gifts and wanted a break from knitting on large needles and patterns I wasn't in love with, so I picked up Hitofude and began to knit.  As mentioned here, I had been ready to cast off the sleeves and continue on.  I had finished the sleeves the last time I was working on it, and when I picked it up, I only had the neck bind off section to do before continuing for the rest of the body - I had hoped I could have it knit by Christmas, so I could wear it with a new dress (I always get myself a new dress for Christmas).  Somehow I messed up, and the bottom part of the body wasn't lining up with the lace on top, so I had decided to rip back to after the arm join.  Long story short? It ended up not being salvageable and the entire thing is now wound into a ball - ready to start fresh.  The only good I can see from this, is I found the arms a little tight at the armpit; next time I may go up a size in needle or simply add an extra repeat  before joining the arms.

As to Christmas knits, I'm currently working on a poncho/cape.  I've done a few more repeats since this photo was taken, but here's what it looks like so far:

The next time you see this project it should be a finished item!

The Snowball Fight swap is going swimmingly, I'm expecting mine any day now!  Once I've received it and sent mine off, I'll post about how everything went.

As for the Vampire Swap, the Mod for that specific swap has said all packages have been received according to tracking labels - however I don't have mine yet! I did find a slip in my mailbox stating I have a parcel available tomorrow after 1 pm. I'm hoping this is the vampire swap box, though it could be the snowball arriving early.  If it isn't the vamp swap I may have to speak to my superintendent and see if they have anything for me - unfortunately the post sometimes gives it to them and though the last super that managed the building would deliver it to the unit that night (or every night until you answer), I'm not sure the new ones will.  My last swap with the new supers I caught the mail person just as they were leaving and they'd said they left with them, so I got it immediately.  Hopefully it comes tomorrow and I won't have to bother them!

Now, I think I'll go continue to watch Witches of East End and seam up Oliver - all the pieces are knit, but there is an awful lot of sewing to do to finish it... or perhaps I'll work on the cabled hug and save the sewing for tomorrow.

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