Friday, November 7, 2014

Knit Quick!

As some of you may recall, earlier this year I knit Rainshine.  I recently found out the stylist I occasionally do 'hair modeling' for really liked it, and I had an appointment with her on Wednesday.  Now, I just found out she was rather fond of this shawl on Saturday night, so Sunday I cast on in hopes of knitting it up quick as a nice surprise!

I managed to have it finished and blocked by Tuesday night, and it was dry and ready to come with me on Wednesday.  I knit this one in Tosh Sock, colourway flashdance!  If you recall my Tempest sweater, it's the purple from that, and I still have a skein of the Lepidoptra left.  (I still need pictures of quite a few projects, Tempest is one I need a proper picture of - and I haven't forgotten N's sweater!) I managed to sneak in a few pictures (with my old hair) before I left, so here ya go! (And if I'm feeling brave, I may post pictures of my new hair! I'm not overly fond of selfies, but my new hair is really rather neat!)

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