Thursday, October 3, 2013

Nerd Wars!

It's that time again!
The start of Nerd Wars on Ravelry.
What is it?
A tournament to show off your love of geeking, nerding and crafting.
I participated once before, I believe T5 on Team Macabre.  I set up a ridiculous dissertation (a project proposal that takes 3 months to complete) where I decided to knit a full length coat - with a ton of cables - when I had never knit a sweater and barely knew a thing about cables.
To m surprise, I managed to get the entire back and sleeves done of The Winter Wonderland Coat... on top of staying a straight A student!
Now that was June of last year...  Now I'm a grown up witch (ok, just a little bit wiser with my crafting plans) and I'm playing again!
Stepping out of my world of death, macabre and horror and into the world of friendship and magic...
That's right, this Tournament I've decided to join Team Equestria! (Aka Team My Little Pony).

I've set up my dissertation, and I'm currently waiting on approval:
Rav Handle: Faelastar
Team: Equestria
Summary of the project: I plan to knit all 5 clues of the Mystery Knitalong. They’ve just released clue 3, so I won’t be giving away any spoilers! I’ve never managed to finish a full shawl from Goddess Knits, I usually get side tracked with smaller projects, and rarely get past clue 2! I have decided, however, should I end up finishing too early (extremely unlikely) I will add an additional Goddess Knits Shawl to this dissertation.
Pattern(s):Fall Mystery Shawl
Yarn (or fiber for a spinning project). Please include a photo:Misti Alpaca Lace Solidskeins)2Misti Alpaca Lace Solids
Fall Mystery Shawl
Fall Mystery Shawl
Category: Encyclopedia: Lace
Time justification: As with all of the GoddessKnits shawls, this is a very lace intensive, large shawl (over 800 yards). Though many people are able to finish in the 5 weeks of clues (add an additional week to knit the last clue), I haven’t yet finished any of the large shawls I’ve started. Call it Knitting ADD, but I have a hard time finishing large, detailed projects; I tend to take breaks for smaller projects and often forget about the larger projects for a while. I’m hoping this will push me towards finishing a large shawl so I can actually wear it for winter!
Team tie-in: The Colourway for this shawl was inspired by the episode Luna Eclipsed, the entire episode has gorgeous deep purples, purple saturated sky, and purple costumes - as if a subliminal nod to Princess Luna (and Nightmare Moon). Upon first seeing the yarn, it reminded me of Luna.
Watch the Episode here:

Nightmare Moon:
image title
Twilight and Luna:
image title
Rainbow Dash as a Shadowbolt
image title
Spike in a dragon costume

Additional Comments: If for some reason I manage to finish this shawl before the 3 month deadline, I will be adding another shawl.

 Hopefully I get approved, or it's back to the drawing board!

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